Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Kindness Challenge

Hello Parents!

We are SUPER EXCITED to announce that our school is going to be taking on a massive kindness challenge and its launching with an assembly that we’d love to invite you to.

Ludlow Elementary School will be inviting one of the nations Top Youth Speakers, Brian Williams, to challenge our kids to a massive 15 Day Kindness challenge. Brian speaks to over 100,000 students each year, he has documented over 1.5 million acts of kindness, traveled to Africa 14 times and collected over 500,000 pairs of shoes for needy children and families. Brian is the founder of Think Kindness, a non-profit that inspires measurable acts of kindness in schools across the country.

Our school challenge will launch with a fun and exciting motivational assembly (you're welcome to come!). During the assembly Brian will be telling his story of traveling around the globe to carry-out seemingly simple acts of Kindness and what he discovered while living at an orphanage in rural Kenya.

But rather than just talk . . . we are going to call them to action!

The entire student body will be challenged to carry-out acts of kindness in the halls, classrooms, at home and throughout the community. Each student will receive a daily kindness challenges as well as some unique ways to document their acts. So don’t be shocked if you see a little more Kindness around the house.

To help us make an even bigger impact, we want to ask you to engage in conversation with your students about the subject of Kindness. Ask them about what they’ve done, acknowledge what they do, and encourage the simple life skill of Kindness.

Date: 3/8/18
Time: 9:00 AM

With Kindness,


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