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Preschool Newsflash * Week of May 8, 2017
This week has been all about YELLOW!

We celebrated by wearing yellow, painting with yellow and drinking lemonade!
When the kids were asked what they think of when they think about the color yellow, their responses were: “honey, yellow paint, lemonade, flowers, lemons and bumblebee cake and jello”

Today we made instant lemon pudding by shaking it in a jar!  It was really fun!  The kids liked the sound the pudding made as it was getting thick!  While we were talking about having the pudding for dessert after lunch, Catherine asked if we could set up one big long table, (like our big Thanksgiving breakfast!)  It was a great idea!  We all worked together to organize the table, then added yellow paper placemats which the kids decorated with their names, set out a napkin and spoon at each spot and picked yellow dandelions while outside on the playground and put them as the centerpiece for lunch!  

Now that is what it is all about...working together and enjoying the day!
I love preschool!DSCN1571.JPG

Today we also had buddy time!  The buddies worked with us in creating wonderful Mother’s Day pictures...melts my heart to see all the wonderful pictures and thoughts!  JJ wrote to his Mom…”I love my Mom because she loves me”...beautiful, simply beautiful!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you lucky Mom’s!
You are a very special and dear to our hearts!

Enjoy your weekend!

And for next week...we move on to the color ORANGE!  In our book it reads, “Orange balloons, orange umbrellas, orange bubbly drinks and little green fellas” (the kids laugh at that part)!

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